About Me

About Me

Claude Alick

I was born on November 8, 1949 on the island of Grenada. The fifth of twelve children, I was educated in the public school system of Grenada,  attending the Saint George’s Catholic Boys School. (Palmer School) After graduation, and recognizing my limited prospects in Grenada, I took to the sea, working as a deck hand on charter yachts for some years before I immigrated to the United States.

My experiences and education are diverse. I attended schools in Portland Maine, Memphis Tennessee, and Missoula Montana. My jobs covered a wide range, mechanic, vacuum cleaner salesman and bartender. I currently resides in Missoula, Montana.

My published works include: Dancing with the Yumawalli , Wet Storage and Other Stories, and a play about Haiti called Cowardice of Eyes.

My goal is to bring the island of Grenada to life for those of you who can only dream of the smells, and the sounds. I want to extend  an invitation to indulge in the mythos of  village life and growing up on Grenada. Fraught with complex relationships, evoking images your mind didn’t know existed, I aim to provide a road map that is representation of my interpretation my people and my world.

Map of the West Indies

Below is a map of the West Indies. The GPS coordinates of Grenada are Latitude: 12.1100 Longitude: -61.6935.  If you look to the right hand side, about 3/4 of the way down the string of Islands, you will find Grenada. These islands are rich with culture and an experience only to be found, in the Caribbean.
Grenada’s economy has begun to shift to tourism, however prior to this our principle economic sector was agriculture, with the largest exports being in nutmeg and mace- as well as many other spices and fruits.