Books by C.C. Alick

Books by C.C. Alick

Wet Storage and Other Stories

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This Collection takes you on an excursion to the Caribbean. Look inside now, hear the whispers of Reggae and Rastafari, blended with resonance of Calypso. These stories are both engaging and disturbing. These characters inhabit a world filled with the mysteries of Voodoo and echoes of slavery and economic deprivation. History and the imagination come together like a wet fish thrown in hot coconut oil. If you plan on going to the Caribbean, read this book and gain some insight into the children you see on the street and the huckster and vendor who will try to sell you their wares.

Dancing with the Yumawalli

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You hold in your hand a murky slice of paradise-the Caribbean beyond white sand beaches and palm trees. Dancing With the Yumawalli is a conversation with a slate of diverse characters, colloquial in the tradition of sitting next to a fire, and listening to voices talking about death, superstition
and human growth. Do shipbuilders practice human sacrifice to give vessels souls? Look through the eyes of the teenager narrator and see for yourself. In Dancing With the Yumawalli, you will be required to decipher a treasure map laced with trace elements of: Voodoo, Sex, Prejudice, Thalidomide, Leprosy, Ayahuasca, A journey into the heart of the Amazon, A yachtsman sinking his vessel for insurance money. Come on in. Surrender to the magical spells cast by this author through language as captivating as an island cove.

Cowardice of Eyes


A play about the history, politics and religion of Haiti.

This was written and produced by C.C. Alick and performed in Missoula, Montana  in 2013.


Once on the Isle of Spice

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Contrary belief systems, Christianity and Obeah (an offshoot of Voodoo) collide in the tropical heat. Two boys coming of age in a village called Jean Anglais in an ambiance of magic, mythology and raconteurs galore teasing out things that go bump in the night. Political turmoil, murder mystery, romance, infidelity, an escape from prison and cheating the hangman, all baked into this slice of magical realism where history and the imagination come together in a rage.